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The St. Lawrence Hospice and Palliative Care professionals have provided information regarding grief assistance.  Please click on the following links to access this information.  Thank you.
Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers of Massena Central School District Students: Please click on the following link to view a letter from Interim Superintendent Flynn concerning a recent tragedy in the District. There is an invitation to attend an informational session on Thursday, May 21 within this letter.
Results of School District Budget Vote 2015-16 and Election of Two Board Members
  Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Propositions: #1 - SHALL the Board of Education of Massena Central School be authorized to expend the sum of $49,991,427 as General Fund appropriations for the school year 2015-16 and levy the necessary tax therefore?   Approved - 400 Yes; 127 - No.

#2 - Two candidates for the Board of Education
Number of Votes Cast for:  John Boyce - 270; Rhonda Rodriguez - 243; Jason Premo - 242; Bryce Cameron - 171.  
Jefferson Elementary School: Home

Jefferson Elementary School 
84 Nightengale Avenue
Massena, NY 13662
Phone:  (315) 764-3730
Fax:  (315) 764-3739

Super Kids Awards
Jefferson Elementary is proud to present their newest Super Kids. “Super Kid” awards are made for superior effort, outstanding citizenship, excellent academic work or substantial improvement in any of these areas.

Front Row:
Cullin Smith, Brennan Eckstein, Nathaniel Addison, Jacob Monroe, Mackenzie Becht
Back Row:
Khloe Bourdon, Alexis Jandrew, Allison Paquette, Hayden Green, Hailey Ash, Devin Laba, Alexis Papineau, Savanah Jandreau, Vincent Monacelli

Front Row:
Kenna O'Brien, Chase Russell, Jake Thomas Montgomery, Tapeni LaBrake, Nicholas Gilbert
Back Row:
Molly LaVack, Kyra Berry, Julian Araujo, Autumn Beaubien, Ellysa Field, Deakon Ash, Blade Brownell, Caleb LaPage, Audrienna Sherman, Christina Radel, Anthony Bush

Front Row:
Troy Kerr, Julius Jacobs, Bryce Fredenburg, Dani-Lyn Burke, Luc Eddy
BacK Row:
Harper Oakes, Dallan Lewis, Makayla Bolia, Ciara Berry, Delaney Losey, Sophia Monacelli, Conner Eastwood, Jasmine Jeror, Angela Ash, Samantha Nason

Front Row:
Brahm DeConing, Andrew LaMora, Katelyn Deragon
Middle Row:
Bayley Rochefort, Ava LaRue, Christina Rodriguez, Nick Marino, Ethan Newcombe
Back Row:
Chyler Richards, Isabella Durant, Xander Gordan, Brian Hurlbut, Mickenzie Herne, James Dupuis

Front Row:
Bradley Gilbert, Jannessa Lee Montgomery, Damian Monroe, Kiah LaPradd, Jeanelle Burke
Back Row:
Dylan Paquin, Mayia Rowe, Candace Hutchins, Kiana French, Ben McGee, Anthony Rivera-Daman, Conor LaDuke, Samuel Dominique

Front Row:
Blayne Brown, Austin Fields, John Richards, Molly Green, Reilly Donahue
Back Row:
Arianna Thompson, Zachary Gilbert, Jalyn Cook, Joey Baillie, Michael Benedict III, Mya Laba, Mackenzie Laclair, Zada David, McKenna Currier
Jefferson Super Kids
Jefferson Elementary is proud to announce their Super Kids. “Super Kid” awards are made for superior effort, outstanding citizenship, excellent academic work or substantial improvement in any of these areas.

​Grade One
Front Row: Eliza White, Aaliyah Garrow, Chad Marlow, Lillian Carlin, Tavis Deshane
Back Row: Destiny McGee, Trevor Kemison, Logan White, Cloey Gollinger, Luke Hurlbut, Kaniehtntha Thompson, Elizabeth Seaver, Jaden White, Rolland Black

Grade Two:
Front Row: Lillian Carr, Ayla Warriner, Nicholas Gilbert, Kyleigh LaMay, Owen Chapman, Talon Jenkins
Back Row: Deakon Ash, Keegan Williamson, Gabrielle Rowe, Zander Wilhelm, Kayla Topa, Ashton Rusaw, Madison LaDuke, Jacob Carlin, Owen Converse

Grade Three
Front Row: Kayla Paquin, Dani-Lyn Burke, Carlie St. Louis, Aria Ferriero, Ethan Blais
Back Row: Abigail Lanning, Elijah Shantie, Mia Christopher, Kendyl Oney, Karley Burnett, Logan Guynup, Olivia Lanning, Gracie Hurlbut

Grade 4
Front Row: Emmalee Coffin, Zoe Mills, Connor Harmer, Zachary Wells
Middle Row: Damien Monroe, Alisha Pruett, Alorha Shantie, Timothy Trimm
Back Row: Jaden Ash, Brian Hurlbut, Evan Converse, Olivia Bowers, Jadelyn McMillan, Mason Pearson, Alyssa Fountaine

Grade 5
Front Row: Sophia Bolster, Auna Marie Shadle, Lilah Daniell, Skylar Smith
Middle Row: Kyrah Paige, Shanika Manning, Justin Donaldson, Zack Barney,
Back Row: Jenna LaPage, Holden Hewlett, Jaden Brownell, Alliyah Bullock, Shelby Pierce, Thomas Dominique, EliJose Araujo

Grade 6

Front Row: Emma Gibson, Brenden Larue, Daryn Rourke-Square, Bryce Deshane
Middle Row: Madelaine Lapage, Aayliah White, Shaylynn Daniels, Dash Lazore
Back Row: Jacob Bressard, Emma Ransom, Riley White, Rachelle Villnave, Alexis Hippensteel
A Day Made Better
Through the "A Day Made Better" program, associates from the Massena OfficeMax recently donated school supplies and other essential items for teachers and students to use at Jefferson Elementary. A Day Made Better rewards and recognizes exceptional primary school teachers across the country.

Office Max associates pictured with Jefferson Elementary Principal Duane Richards and displaying the specially printed mouse pads are James Hellyer, Heather Kennedy, Martha Hebert, Tiffanie Jacob, and Store Manager Mary Jane Martin.

First Quarter Super Kids
Jefferson Elementary is proud to present their First Quarter Super Kids.
“Super Kid” awards are made for superior effort, outstanding citizenship, excellent academic work or substantial improvement in any of these areas.

Grade 4 Super Kids

Front Row:
Alorha Shantie, Chase Becht, Mason Pearson, Piper Auger, Aiden Fregoe
Back Row:
Chyler Richards, Isabella Durant, Logan Eggleston, Alayna Abelard, Brahm de Coning, Zachary Wells, Mickenzee Herne

Grade 5 Super Kids

Front Row:
Justin Donaldson, Felicity Engstrom, Auna Marie Shadle, Anna Farbotnik, Amos O'hara
Back Row:
Tad Eddy, Dominic Monacelli, Ella Oakes, Natalie Currier, Rocco Ferriero, Keenan Easter, Augustus Gordon

Grade 5 Super Kid

Kyleigh Holcomb

Grade 6 Super Kids

Front Row:
Jessica Montgomery, Elizabeth Brabant, Garret Vaquez, Michael Benedict III, Margaret White
Back Row:
Connor Wells, Russell King, Aidan Shantie, Shakoronhioke: wen Jacobs, Riley Hillenbrand, Michael Bolia, Madison Ward, Mya Laba, Kaicey Eggleston, Madison Wargo

Grade 1 Super Kids

Front Row:
Violet Hebert, Shea Marashian, Julianna Hubbard
Middle Row:
Evan Bluemer, Desiree LaBaff, Isabelle Rochefort, Alexus Jandrew, Mackenzie Becht
Back Row:
Sophia Nason, Kane Riley, Hannah Worthley, Rohg Bentley, Lily Coffin, Hunter Newcombe, Zamari German

Grade 2 Super Kids

Front Row:
Piper Lanning, Ayden Conley, Campbell Hewlett, Haileigh St. Louis, Faith Lashomb, Mercedes Barse
Middle Row:
Madyson Hendricks, Aidan LaRose, Kadence Chicoine, Gracie Granger, Talan Thomas
Back Row:
Julian Araujo, Haley Caskinette, Christina Radel, Lexis Wright, Caleb LaPage, Sydney Rochefort

Grade 3 Super Kids

Front Row:
Christine Grant, Alivia Morris, Briallen Harper-Moulton, Luc Eddy, Jenna White
Back Row:
Harper Oakes, Benjamin Bush, Bryleigh Sullivan, Jaecob Gebo, Cecilie Smith, Maia Dailey
St. Lawrence County Traffic Safety Newsletter
Please find the latest St. Lawrence County Traffic Safety Newsletter by clicking on the link here.
Jefferson Elementary Kindergarten Trip to Home Depot
Jefferson Elementary Kindergarten students recently enjoyed a walking field trip to Home Depot. With the assistance of their new friend, Ray, each student was able to assemble their own race car.
Jefferson Garden Club
Jefferson Fourth Grade students Ethan Newcombe, Keely Bova, Elainie Closs, and Katelyn Deragon assist their teacher, Mrs. Diane Toth, in harvesting the tomatoes from the school garden. The garden was planted by last year's fourth graders who are now in grade five.
Jefferson fifth grade students, Felicity Engstrom and Jeanelle Burke, prepare some of the tomatoes and peppers harvested from the school vegetable garden to create salsa for their classmates. This year's fifth grade students planted the garden when they were still in fourth grade.

Jefferson’s first annual garden was a successful! The garden was well cared for over the summer by the fourth grade teachers, which led to a bountiful produce in September. The timing could not have been more perfect. The fifth grade students (which were the garden club members in fourth grade) had the opportunity to harvest tomatoes and green peppers.

In collaboration with the fifth grade teachers and the incorporation of math and science, the garden club members used the produce to make homemade salsa. The students enjoyed the fruits of their labor and learned that fresh is always best! The harvest was also shared with fourth grade families at curriculum night.

The garden was not only an enjoyable experience for the garden club members, but an educational one as well.
"Books on Wheels" Sells 12,000th Book at Jefferson Elementary School

Devin Laba, a kindergarten student in Mrs. Tyo's class, recently purchased the 12,000th book from the "Books on Wheels" program at Jefferson Elementary School in Massena, NY.  "Books on Wheels" was started in the fall of 2010 by Jefferson's Literacy Specialist, Faith Bish, with the goal of putting high quality children's literature into students' hands for a nominal fee. Students may purchase books from the "Books on Wheels" carts for 25¢ a piece, trade in old books from home for "new" ones from the cart, or use coupons from their teachers which entitle them to a free book from the carts.
The "Books on Wheels" program is always accepting donations of new and gently used children's books including: board books, children's picture books, children's and young adult nonfiction, chapter books, activity books, and like new children's magazines. If you would like more information regarding the "Books on Wheels" program at Jefferson Elementary School, please contact Faith Bish at (315)764-3730 [ext. 3338].
Common Core Comes to Life at Jefferson Elementary!!

Throughout history - War of 1812, Civil War, and Westward Expansion - horses have been used as transportation and a way to make jobs easier for people.  After culminating our year with a story about cowboys, second grade students were able to see horses, cowboy tools, and then pet and give treats to the horses.  Students at PK, K, and 1 were also able to enrich their Colonial Times and Frontier topics.
 Pictured are Jefferson Second Grade Teacher, Mrs. Dee Cook and Sally Manor with their horses Ruby and Buckwheat.
Scott Wilhelm: Jefferson Garden ClubPosted: Monday, October 27, 2014
+ Denice Votra, Secretary
+ Duane Richards, Principal
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